Setting Up a New Online Home

I am the sort of person who thinks thing through and comes to understand them more thoroughly by writing about them. I have long-standing interests in management (of people and projects) and productivity (both personal and of teams), but no place where I could write about these things.

And so I’m setting up this blog.

I have a PhD in the biosciences (my scientific home is protein structure and function) and have spent most of my career working in scientific informatics (my technical home is database design, but I also dabble in XML), so it is likely I’ll occasionally write about those sorts of things, too.

I haven’t settled on a posting strategy yet. I suspect it will be random, at least at first. If you find this blog before I write my first “real” post- I hope you’ll decide to stick around and see what I write and how this evolves. More content coming soon!

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