1. ARC said:

    This makes total sense, and is something that astounded me when Gmail first came out. I was all excited to sign up for an account, and then realized I just didn’t GET how it was supposed to work.

    Labels instead of folders? No delete button? An Archive button that made emails just disappear into the ether?

    Granted, some of these features were changed later to accommodate the more “traditional” ways people process email in programs like Outlook, but I slowly realized that there are lots of people who don’t think about email in the same way I do – they have your philosophy above.

    I used to be a strict Inbox Zero person but that is because I was using my Inbox as a to-do list. I’m trying to separate those now but haven’t quite figured out a to-do-list that works well for me so I’m in this weird transition phase where my personal email is a mess and I’ve got this nagging feeling I’m going to miss something. I’m still Inbox-Zeroing for work until I can get a consistent system down for to-dos.

    But I will say that it is going to take me a LONG time to get over that panicky feeling I get when I see a full inbox 😀

    December 30, 2014

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