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Blogs about Management:

Books about Management:

  • Scott Berkun writes books, too. His book Making Things Happen is an excellent place to start learning about project management.
  • Mindset, by Carol Dweck has good information about how to help others get to a growth mindset, which is a useful thing to think about as a manager.
  • Robert Sutton has written several good books that reference the research on how to lead people. The No Asshole Rule is legendary. Good Boss, Bad Boss has a lot of good information for new (and not so new) managers.

Specific Articles and Posts:

Research on Productivity:

I also have a Pinterest board for management and productivity. Inclusion in that library just means that I think the article is interesting, though- I may or may not agree with it.

Finally, a lot of the articles I write for Chronicle Vitae are about management and productivity, and most include links to other good sources.

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