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No, that title is not a reference to the current political situation. The current political situation, however, is partly to blame for my longer than usual period of silence here.…

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I start every year by writing two lists of goals: one for my work and one for the rest of my life. I am a list maker, so it isn’t…

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I like to say that we should manage the work, and mentor the people. But I have to admit, my knowledge of how to manage the work is much stronger…

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I’ve been absent here for longer than I usually am. I won’t lie. I’m struggling to figure out what I should do in a country that just elected Trump president.…

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I have been managing distributed¬†teams for as long as I have been a manager. This has probably had a profound effect on how I manage overall. It is probably also…

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I am a process geek. I love working out how to make a process more efficient. However, sometimes working on your process is the wrong thing to do. Sometimes, you…

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