I’m Melanie Nelson, a project manager and data geek with a PhD in bioscience and a long-standing interest in productivity. Up until recently, I was a group leader in scientific informatics at a midsize biotechnology company. Now I am a contractor and consultant providing services in scientific informatics and project management. I’ve been a contractor before, and also a scientist, a database architect, and a department head at a small biotechnology company.

This is a site about management, productivity, science, software… and the intersection of all those things. I also write a monthly column for Chronicle Vitae. You can find those articles via my Vitae profile.

Since I’m a contractor/consultant now, you can hire me. I work with companies and academics on projects ranging from short discussions about specific management concerns to long-running projects that I manage or otherwise participate in. See more details on my consulting services page.

You can email me at melanie@beyondmanaging.com.

You can find me on Twitter at @melanie_nelson.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.


  1. Addis said:

    I have been following your writing for years. I too am a data geek (first and foremost) and a project manager in higher education. I am very excited about this brave new venture and will be rooting for you all the way from NYC.

    August 2, 2014
    • Melanie said:

      Thanks! I’m excited about it and looking forward to learning a lot, both from writing the posts and from reading the comments.

      August 2, 2014

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