Navigate the Path to Industry: A Seminar

Finding your way to a non-academic job can feel like setting off to an unknown destination without a map.

This two-hour seminar will help you draw your own map to a career outside of academia. We will discuss how to prepare for a job search, how to identify potential jobs, and how to apply for jobs in a way that increases your chances for success.

A copy of the Navigating the Path to Industry ebook is included in this seminar.The seminar and ebook cover similar, but not entirely overlapping, topics.

This is a recording of a two hour online seminar.

This seminar will discuss how to:

Your first non-academic job search is unlike any prior event in your career… and chances are, you’re bringing in some misconceptions based on your time in academia. We’ll talk about how to overcome those obstacles and how to build a network that will help you find a job.

There are a lot of different types of jobs out there. We’ll discuss how toidentify potential jobs even when they are outside your past experience, and how to evaluate which jobs are a good fit for you and your skills.

Applying for a job outside of academia is not the same as applying for graduate school or a postdoctoral fellowship! We’ll look at the difference between resumes and CVs, how to write a good cover letter, and how to use networking to increase your chances of success.

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Photo of Melanie Nelson

I am a consultant specializing in scientific data management and the effective management of people and projects. Prior to starting my own consultancy, I led teams and projects in the biotechnology industry for more than ten years. I am also the author of Navigating the Path to Industry, a book on conducting a non-academic job search, andTaming the Work Week, a book on time management. I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry from The Scripps Research Institute.